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Bernice SchroerBernice Schroer has over 30 years experience working in the Computer Information Systems field. Many years ago she was a COBOL programmer, a Unix administrator, a project manager, an Information Systems computer center manager and of course, Bernice is an expert in modern web design. She strives to create sites where usabililty and assessibility utilizing current Section 508 standards are a requirement.

Although currently retired, she is still brought to task to assist people in all their computer needs. This site is an example of her work.

For the techies...

This page has been created with NO tables, just cascading style sheets and and validates to the XHTML standard by the W3C Consortium. This page should work in Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla and Firefox.

The menus on the left are produced using definition lists which are easier to work with than unordered lists and have the additional benefit that you can give a 'definition' of each link for text-only browsers.

I have put examples of some of my work on the menus at the left.